Jim’s Professional Background

I am a builder. I find the potential in people and help them grow. I help people use their gifts and talents with purpose. I’ve done this in my own business, with Tumblr’s support team, and with teachers and students. I want to help build your business or product by aligning your team with your vision.



Unboxed has been the perfect place to land after The Yeomen.  I’m helping team members chart their paths at UBT, managing projects that are both fascinating and challenging, and learning from a creative team of designers, writers, and editors each day.

  • Directly manage the professional growth of a quarter of the Content team
  • Oversee my team’s client relationships and training deliverables
  • Assist in sales calls and develop proposals for potential clients
  • Create internal training and reference material to improve the quality and consistency of work

PRESIDENT, THE YEOMEN, INC.                                                                AUG 2013 — OCT 2017

I founded The Yeomen to provide excellent customer and developer support for companies that understand the competitive advantage quality support gives to a product. To accomplish this, I developed a distributive team that met the needs of each client while respecting our agents’ need for a balanced life. Our team members responded by investing in our clients and made consistent, significant impact on the companies they served.

Created a global team that provided excellent, intelligent customer support compared to the majority of outsourcers.

  • Developed a recruiting process that evaluated customer support and writing skills to ensure the best quality candidates for our clients.
  • Provided complete, multi-tier support for most of our clients. In addition to being the first line of defense, we identified, tracked, and reported on bug reports and customer feedback. In many cases we took complete responsibility of the company’s support offerings.
  • Team returned customer satisfaction ratings consistently in the mid 90%.
  • Supported clients across industries (including Vimeo, GIPHY, DJO Global, and Blockstack) handling thousands of inquires a day.
  • See White Papers with Vimeo (link), FiftyThree (link), and GIPHY (link) for deeper dives into our work.

Created a company culture that embraces collaboration, compassion, flexible work, and excellence.

  • Worked with team leads to develop channels for every employee around the world to connect with other team members.
  • Employees were encouraged to take part in developing our values statement and “field guide” which spoke to our ideals and the practical daily life of a remote worker. The result (linked here) is a testament to our commitment to a healthy culture.
  • Employees consistently noted on employee surveys and reviews that the respect and trust afforded by The Yeomen was an important factor in their decision to join and stay with the company.
  • Established a company branch in German and a team in Australia along with a US-based team covering all domestic time zones where every team member worked remotely to provide 24-hour support.
  • Developed an employee-focused culture that helped the company to grow based on reputation and earn over $4MIL in revenue over its four-year life.

Customized customer support platforms and documentation to empower teams to work with increasing integrity and efficiency.

  • Set up and customized platforms for SAAS, “box & ship” product, and “brick & mortar” businesses.
  • Developed Internal Support documentation and public messaging that emulated the company voice while protecting both the company and the customers.
  • Worked with clients to integrate internal tools, external ecommerce and fulfillment systems, and other business integrations that provided a custom workflow for each company.
  • Established multiple channels of support around Email, Phone, Chat, and Help Centers.
  • Worked with Zendesk and other partners directly to share referrals and directly help customers with platform and integration adoption. The Yeomen was a preferred partner of Zendesk.

MANAGER / DIRECTOR OF SUPPORT. TUMBLR.COM                          FEB 2011 – JULY 2013

I started with Tumblr as a support agent and left less than three years later as one of the Directors of Support. Along the way, I developed training and a culture that helped this team maintain personal contact with Tumblr’s exponentially growing user base and had them responding to 20% more inquiries than other companies in the same industry.

  • Prepared Tumblr Support for transition to Yahoo and brokered the split of Support and Trust & Safety to better specialize support.
  • Developed metrics to provide performance data to individual team members.
  • Mastered the daily work of Support while developing documentation and training for new hires.
  • Developed a team ethos that encouraged free exchange of ideas resulting in significant improvement of all teams.

TEACHER, HENRICO CO. SCHOOLS                                                           SEPT 2007 – JAN 2011

  • Taught middle school students and high school teachers during my tenure.
  • Implemented county content management system.
  • Led the initiative to use blogging and other “web 2.0” mediums in the county.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Education classes for teaching license, 2005-2006
Union Presbyterian Seminary (Union-P.S.C.E.), Masters of Divinity, 2001-2004
Alma College, Bachelors of Arts, 1994-1998