Jim’s Personal Interests

When I’m not working, I enjoy finding new street art and public murals, playing video games on our Nintendo Switch and PS4, and planning our next adventure with Beth, my wife of 22 years. Lately, I’ve picked up woodcarving.  After a 20-year adventure in Richmond, VA, We’ve moved back to Michigan to be closer to family and old friends.

That familiar castle...
I’ve been a Nintendo Kid for a long time.  It all started with my first NES at Christmas years ago.  I’ve continued playing classic and new games featuring Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and the rest of the storied Nintendo characters.  When the figurines I was collecting got to be too much for our house, I build a display for them!  My love of video games has effected my professional life for years.  These games helped me develop critical thinking, strategy, and problem solving skills that come in handy every day.

IMG_0529Beth and I love to explore our world near and far.  We’re regulars at Richmond arts events and festivals.  Every couple years we get a bug to explore some other part of the world.  We recently travelled to Cuba and Iceland, and we love being airdropped into a new culture to learn and explore.  We find these trips help us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

TriforceI grew up with the smell of sawdust and woodburner smoke around our home.  My dad has carved for most of my life.  From decoy ducks and trophy fish to relief carvings, he’s become a master at pulling life out of a block of wood.  I’ve picked up a set of carving tools and started whittling away at my own projects lately…

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